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Mig-27 aircraft crashes in Jalpaiguri

January 31, 2008

I am living in the US since almost 2 years. While I was in India every week there I use to hear about a Mig crashing. The faulty planes in our defense systems had stirred a controversy regarding bribed officials. The safety standards were improvised upon by the Indian government but a recent Mig-27 crash questions the efforts. I saw the coverage on NDTV 24×7.

A MIG-27 ground attack aircraft crashed in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district on Thursday injuring a boy but the pilot ejected to safety.

The MIG-27 crashed near Chinchula tea garden at 12:40 pm, Superintendent of Police, Jalpaiguri, S Tripurari told PTI.

An IAF spokesman in Delhi said that the aircraft was on a routine training mission and crashed 10.2 km east of the Hashimara airbase.

The pilot, Jasbir Singh, parachuted to safety, Tripurari said, adding that he was extended immediate help by the Army after he reached the ground.


Govt to forge new strategy for N-deal

January 28, 2008

As delay continues to plague operationalisation of the Indo-US nuclear deal, the US on Monday favoured completion of the processes involved in it during the tenure of the Bush administration, failing which ”practical problems” can push it to 2010.

I saw the coverage on NDTV 24*7 available in the US through DirecTv. DirecTv is doing a great job by providing Indian Channels in the US. Especially NDTV because it is the best news channel in India.

Here is an extract from the coverage and analysis by NDTV:

When the UPA and the Left meet next on the nuke deal, the government will put on the table:

  • A framework agreement that has just been concluded with France
  • the MOU signed with the Russians
  • The crucial pledge by the Chinese
  • And the statements supporting civil nuclear cooperation by Britain, Brazil and South Africa

But will the Left be convinced in what is essentially a change in political rhetoric?


French Connection 2

January 25, 2008

I saw the coverage on NDTV 24*7 regarding the visit on French President Nicolas Sarkozy. NDTV is available in the US only through DirecTV.

India and France today signed five agreements, including one for cooperation in the field of nuclear research. The pacts were signed after talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The agreement between French Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Atomic Energy was for constructing and operating Jules Hotowitz (JH) reactor.

The reactor will be built by the French Atomic Commission at Cadarache in France.

I prefer watching NDTV 24*7 as it is India’s most respected news channel and it the news coverage is ‘to the point’ unlike other news channel where every news is a breaking news.

The experience only improves as I have subscribed to DirecTv.

There’s no need to buy any costly equipments, I received installation of a 4-room DirecTV system alongwith the subscription.

There are absolutely no interruptions as DirecTV delivers a digital signal 99.9% of the time. I also ordered a high-speed Internet connection with the service.

The most important benefit is that my cable & internet bills have reduced.

The French Connection

January 23, 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy

Two months after a successful trade mission to China, President Nicolas Sarkozy is visiting India this week to show that France is also interested in strong ties with Asia’s third largest economy.

I saw the coverage on NDTV 24*7. Initially I thought he is visiting India for a vacation but NDTV also covered the agenda:

As one of India’s major arms suppliers, France is hoping to revive its bid for a US$ 600 million helicopter contract that New Delhi cancelled in December with Eurocopter, a unit of European space giant EADS.

French energy group Suez is to sign two contracts for water and waste management worth a total of 100 million euros during the visit, a source close to negotiations said.

But Ms. Bruni will give India a miss.

I have subscribes to DirecTv, the service is good and the most important part is I can watch Indian channels in the US.

The Great Indian Fall

January 22, 2008

I saw the news on NDTV 24*7 and I could not believe the correction took place in the 1st month of the year. There are no pictures in this post. WHY? because I dont like depressing faces and line graphs which are falling and falling and…. Yes.. I am talking about the 30-share sensitive index (Sensex) of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). BSE logged its steepest intra-day fall on Monday and lost over 2,000 points, as bears tightened their grip on the bourses amid worries over US recession, before staging a 700-point rally towards the closing bell.

There was a not so dark side to it as well. Could not use the words “Bright Side”. I invest in stock markets and since I am talking about BSE, what happens in India affects me in the US. The Coverage on NDTV was crisp and it also carried Do’s & Don’ts in such a scenario. Its kind of difficult to mange portfoilios when it comes to 2 different countries, so a reliable news channel serves as a relevant source of information. NDTV 24*7 is availble in the US through DirecTv.

Auto Expo 2008

January 16, 2008

Auto Expo 2008When I was in India I never missed the Auto Expo Show. I lived in Mumbai but made sure I could be in Delhi during the greatest Auto Show in India. Last July I moved to California, US for further studies. The Auto Show was amazing, as my friends tell me. The new Tata Car was unveiled this year. Its good that I could view NDTV through Directv.

The coverage was fantastic on NDTV. The photographs, the reviews, the anchor everything was showcased well. Here is the link to NDTV’s Videos >>> Auto Expo 2008